"We did it before, and we'll do it again. In the 2000 election, a handful of us took on the NaderTraders. There's no honor in vote-swapping, so we registered thousands of false individuals willing to trade votes. It's not that we liked Nader - but he had no chance of winning, and we really hated Gore. But more than that, we wanted to put a big dent in a system designed to unfairly manipulate the vote. We hope you will join us this time around to do the same to this 'Pair the Vote' site."

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Defeat pro-Kerry Vote-Traders
      Help End the Radical Liberal Madness
            Preserve the Integrity of the Voting System!

  • Do you believe in voting for the candidate you actually support?

  • Should the next President win fairly rather than through vote manipulation?

  • Would you like to stop attempts to change the American voting process by means outside of our established legal system?

    If you answered Yes to these questions, we invite you to join us in defeating the latest Vote-Swapping system, VotePair.org.

    Comment on this site:

    How to Do It

    All you need is an email address:

  • Go to VotePair.org - Pair Your Vote
  • Select a Swing State (any grey-colored state on this map)
  • Select Your Favorite Third-Party Candidate
  • Enter Any Name, along with your email address
  • Submit the Form
  • When you Get an Email from VotePair, Simply Click the Link
  • You're done! Tell Us About It if you'd like

    Repeat if you'd like:
  • Follows the Steps Above, but
  • Use a Different Name and Email Address
  • Do this as many times as you want!

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    What Will This Do?

    The very existence of this site and the people running it (and those of you who support us) will undercut the "Honor" system Vote-Sharing depends on. People will lose confidence that the person they "swap" votes with will actually go through with voting for the candidate they agree to.

    People in safe states who are willing to make a strategic vote for a third-candidate in exchange for a swing-state Kerry vote will be paired with false registrations rather than real people. With enough false registrations, people in swing states who would be willing to vote for Kerry in such a swap will have no one to swap with! Many such people will then not vote for Kerry since there is no one who will vote for their preferred candidate in exchange.

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    Past Success

    Remember Nader-Trader in the 2000 election? With just a few dedicated people, the same who are providing you with this information, we were able to register thousands of false individuals who were willing to swap a Gore vote for a Nader vote.

    We can't say exactly what effect this had on the election. We don't know how "honest" most vote-swappers are. But we do know that there were a great many people in swing states who never got paired with a "strategic" voter in a safe state because so many of our false registrations were paired with them first. This may well have prevented some third-part supporters from casting votes for Gore instead of the candidates they really support. We hope to be even more successful this year in bringing down the vote-swapping system. Join us! Here's How

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    Contact Us

    Questions? Comments?

    Email Us: impairthevote@yahoo.com

    Report Your False Registrations:

  • include the states you registered for
  • and how many times you registered in each
  • We'll add your registrations to the Results Section!

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    Email us your comments: impairthevote@yahoo.com

    Anything you send us is fair game for being posted here - so don't say it if you don't want it to pop up here! We reserve the right to post the names and email addresses you send comments from if we deem it appropriate.

    New! Post Comments Right Here:

    Ben, from Ohio: "I want to really thank you guys for what you're doing. Pair the Vote is using sleazy tactics to get their guy in. If Kerry gets elected, he ought to do it the same way as it's always been done. If people want to reform the electoral college, they need to do it through the system!"

    Anonymous, from ?: "You vile, self-serving conservative ****s! Gore won the popular vote and should have been President. We wouldn't be in this mess if the guy who got the most votes won. Why would you do this, it's only hurting the country!"

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    Current Results

    to be posted soon

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